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You further understand that unless and until the Firm has agreed to represent you and such agreement is memorialized in a written retainer signed by you and a member of the Firm we are not representing you in this or any other matter nor will we provide any legal services on your behalf or take any action on your behalf.

In addition, claims will generally have strict time periods within which a complaint must be filed with certain government agencies and certain courts. If a lawsuit is not commenced with a certain strict period of time, you can lose your right to sue. If you do not timely file a complaint with the proper agencies you could lose your right to sue and other rights you may have. No advice will be rendered by this Firm regarding any time constraints to file complaints or bring lawsuits unless and until a case is accepted and a retainer reflecting that the Firm has accepted the case is signed by both the client and a member of the Firm.


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 The results of previous cases listed on our about page with particular facts and law. Therefore The INJURY NY Law Firm does not, cannot and will not make any guarantee, promise or warranty that the outcome of your case will be the same or similar to previous results. Every case is different. Results in prior cases do not guarantee same results. We will however do our very best to win your case and fight for your rights and compensations!


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Injury NY Law firm does not and will not collect and sell your private information. We value our clients trust and work tirelesly to protect your privacy and safety. This web site does not collect any private data either, other than what you submit through the contact page for our office use.


If you have any questions about these terms, please contact us so we may address your concerns.

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